Why buy Cheap Used Servers

High Costs of New Servers or Unreliable Used Servers

If you have experience with servers you may know that they’re not very cheap for new machines.Even the best deals are thousands of dollars for the base models. A comparable server that is sold as used is much cheaper, but they can have issues. ┬áThe new models while they can save money in energy costs over time are much more upfront. When you’re looking to expand your system for a small business it’s much more affordable to go with cheaper used servers. This can be a mistake. Used servers are often sold as is and can come with many issues. Unless you’re a technician troubleshooting the faulty systems in a used server is nearly impossible.

Refurbished Servers are Tested and Trusted

This is where buying refurbished servers makes much more sense. Refurbished servers are gone over by technicians to ensure everything is in working order. Components like used memory and used processors can have issues and need to be gone over. Some companies like cloudninjas.com even provide a warranty on their refurbished servers. When buying used you’re not going to have such security.

Low Costs but Reliable and High Performance

Buying cheap used servers is a huge cost saving and can mean nearly the same performance of the newer machines. Servers from just a couple years ago are very powerful and can handle much the same load as new servers running the latest chip sets and memory. Many websites online will offer to sell used Dell and HP servers. It is important to remember to check to see if they’ve been tested thoroughly.

Another Benefit is the Costs of Used Memory

Buying used memory to max out an older server can provide much higher performance than new machines that come with the minimum RAM needed to run. To upgrade these new machines costs an arm and a leg, however, to upgrade refurbished and reconditioned servers with used memory can be very inexpensive.

The Newest Servers will take Expensive DDR4 RAM

DDR4 Memory is in high demand and thus the costs are through the roof. It is much more affordable to max out a system using DDR3 or DDR2. The difference in costs is astounding while there’s not a huge difference in the performance of DDR3 vs DDR4 right now.

Most Common Used Dell Servers

Dell’s servers are the PowerEdge systems. They, of course, come in rackmount, tower, and blade versions, as well as workstations. The older models like the PowerEdge 1950 will take DDR2 ram like the PC2-5300. With these types of DDR2 memory, one can purchase 32GB of memory for around $120 dollars.

The Dell CS24-NV7 is a rackmount server which takes DDR2 memory just as the 1950 does.
For systems like the Dell PowerEdge T710, its more than double the cost for DDR3 memory for two 16 GB sticks making 32GB of RAM. The prices of the sticks rise as the capacity of each one increases. Those amounts are with a plentiful supply of DDR3 around for sale. Since there’s a general shortage of DDR4 you can imagine the outrageous prices that those are demanding.