Creating A Profitable Landscaping Business


Generate Your Own Income

The thought of being your own boss, while being able to work outside in when the weather is beautiful while most others are stuck in their office working for a supervisor they likely despise, and you get to be running the show while making great money, is a dream so many have. One of the most wonderful things about starting your own landscaping business is that you’re in control of your income and financial destiny. And when you’re in control of your destiny, you have control of your life. Something that those with regular, soul crushing jobs don’t have since they have to rely on a boss to get paid. A website like can help you learnĀ how to start a landscaping business with no experience.

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Operate Out Of Your Home

One of the best things about starting a profitable lawn care and landscaping business from scratch is that you can get your business launched with just a few tools until you earn enough profit to purchase bigger equipment. Since you won’t need an entire fleet of trucks, trailers, tractors, and loaders, you can operate your business out of your home to save money on leasing or purchasing a shop and office. With this money that’s saved, you can use it to reinvest it back into your business on things such as advertising, and other tools to help operate your business more smoothly.

When you’re starting out with your business with a tight budget for equipment, it’s best to rent some of the lawn care and landscaping equipment such as hedge trimmers, mowers, skid steers, dump trailers, concrete saws, and compactors. Once you build up a steady base of jobs and clients, you can then purchase the equipment.

Landscaping Improves A Home’s Curb Appeal

Not only are you making money when you learn how to start a lawn care business with Lawntrepreneurship, but so are your customers! Both homeowners and commercial property owners will see their property values increase as a result of having landscaping done on their property and continue maintaining value with regular lawn care maintenance services. On average, completed landscaping increases a home’s value by at least five percent. This may seem like a small number, but when a structure is worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, a five percent increase can be tens of thousands of dollars in increased value which can be recouped when they sell the home or business property.

When a patio, fresh mulch, new shrubs and trees, and edging are installed, this improves the look of the home or business, which increases curb appeal and can also make their neighbors jealous. With jealous neighbors, comes “keeping up with the Jones”, so once your clients see the extensive landscaping done at their friends house, they’ll want work done on their place and when they ask them who did the great work, they’ll tell them about your landscaping company. So it’s very important to give your clients business cards so they can spread the word for you.

You will also want to make sure you treat your clients (especially since they are spending thousands of dollars at your firm) like they’re your closest friends and family. When you do this, you separate your business from the competitors so far that the other landscapers won’t even know what hit them. By doing this, you’ll also be creating huge fans of your business that will rant and rave about your amazing landscape services to all their friends and family.

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