Goggles: A standard in Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk is a small but strong culture growing in our world today. It has been described as ‘Modern technology, powered by steam, and set in the 1800’s’. Its whimsical costumes can combine sci-fi and Victorian-era styles. They are also strongly influenced by the Industrial Revolution of the 1900’s. Brass, gears, fittings, leather and rivets are plentiful in Steampunk fashion. But nothing says Steampunk like a pair of Neo-Victorian goggles. Unless, perhaps, those Steampunk goggles adorn a top hat or helmet.
Many fans dress up, or ‘cos-play’, for special gatherings such as big Steampunk fairs and conventions. Some get together for smaller, local meetups. Some opt to dress in Steampunk style for everyday life, even at work. Many blend Steampunk with modern fashions. There is no set way to ‘do’ Steampunk, which emphasizes creativity.

Goggles and other headwear are almost indispensable accessories in Steampunk fashion. They can be worn by crazy inventors, aviators, villains, as well as everyday citizens. Fancy creating a dapper gentleman role? Perhaps an airship captain? Or a rugged explorer? It can be fun adding accessories to your outfit. The Steampunk Artifacts beautiful selection of goggles, glasses, and brassy bits can bring you a satisfying touch of authenticity.